Our Empanadas bring great Latino flavors right to your hand. Meant to be a quick meal-on-the-go, or a fun alternative to taco night, our Empanadas are made with the freshest ingredients. Always on our menu is our popular Breakfast Empanada. Read More …


What are Pulumpas? Think ravioli you can have for dessert! They have a slightly sweet dough and seasonal sweet fillings. These are our own original creation, and they’ve already become a new dessert tradition!


Our Potstickers are good….really good!  Why?  First, because they are handmade with fresh, local farm produce. You know you are helping to support small family farms with each purchase. Second, because we use only the finest ingredients. Third, because they Read More …


One of the dumplings that started it all! Grandma Rappa would be so proud to know that we’re still making her ravioli five generations later! 


One of the dumplings that started it all! With Slovak and Polish roots, Pierogi have long been a staple at our family dinners. We  use the same recipe written by Grammy four generations ago – we even still use her Read More …