We love pierogi. Plain and simple. It’s not Christmas Eve at our house unless there’re too many family members crowded around a too-small table with too many pierogi piled high in front of us. And not just any pierogi. Homemade, handmade pierogi from the same recipe passed down four generations from Grammy. We even still have her rolling pin, and use it to roll out the miles of dough it takes to feed the whole family.

But our family isn’t just Slovak, we’re Italian too. “Italian,” often synonymous with “pasta.” Ravioli were never purchased from the store, they were made at home using Grandma Rappa’s recipe. Five generations of pasta makers have come after Grandma Rappa. Over the years, our family has added more and more cheeses and created delicious new fillings wrapped in tasty dough.

So this got us thinking: at their heart, pierogi and ravioli are basically the same thing. Filled pockets of dough. This started us on a journey – to discover the filled-dough pockets of the world. And you know what? So very many cultures have them! We then began experimenting – and tasting! – to learn the best recipes.

Now, we’ve put all these delicious dumplings in one place. You’ll find traditional flavors, as well as exciting new ones. We use the freshest, seasonal ingredients and make every product by hand to ensure you’ll love our dumplings as much as we do.